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Designing a Monument

A monument is a tribute to a life. It is a symbol of love and a way to make memories endure for ages to come. It is a place for our children to find solace and where we take future generations to learn about their family history. 

Choosing a monument begins in the cemetery. Make sure you know what is allowed in the section your lot is in. 

Granite comes from large quarries where it is broken off by drilling and taken out in large pieces. It is then sawn down into usable slabs which are polished using fine sanding equipment. Only about 20% of the granite quarried on the earth is usable for monuments. The rest can be found on your kitchen counter top, stairways, curbings and buildings. After the granite is polished, it is cut down into specific shapes which can be as simple as a square or as complicated as a jigsaw puzzle. After this they are then sandblasted with names and designs like flowers and religious symbols. 


The type of monument is regulated by the individual cemetery. Some cemeteries have sections with only flush markers. The majority of people buy plots only when needed and the type of memorial seems insignificant at the time, however we will help you develop the type of memorial allowed.


Monuments can range in size from a small flat marker to a large mausoleum. Hence, the larger the size, the greater the cost to manufacture. Often the size of the memorial is dependent on the number of graves it is meant to represent. Cemeteries regulate the size of monuments.


There are many colors of granite to choose from, though some cost more than others due to quarrying limitations and availability.


A standard monument is polished on the front and back. This is commonly know as Polish Two. Polishing the top and sides increases the cost of the monument because it must be done by hand and not machine. Therefore, the more sides you have polished, the greater the cost. 


The last variable is carving. We include flat and shape carved designs in the price of our monuments. By flat we mean a design that looks like a pen and ink drawing. Shape carved means that the design is carved into the stone about 1/4 of an inch. This makes the roses and flowers look somewhat realistic and adds to the beauty of the stone.

Deep carved or deluxe carving means carving that goes into the stone more than half an inch to even six inches. Deep carving is done by hand and often requires quotes and longer periods of time to complete.


Guide to Fonts, Colors & Types (Shapes)

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